Does anybody dismiss something from his/her mind an idea by simply repeat a word

İts really like obsession for me. For example when i want to dismiss negative feelings or ideas i simply repeat “negative thoughts” word in my mind.and i clasify the negative thoughts by this word and bring this feeling to consciousness.after then that idea/feeling become pointless. Does anyone experience this?

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Repeating a mantra is what transcendental meditation requires. It helps concentrate the mind on something positive and helps to train the mind to dismiss casual wandering of thoughts.

What you are doing is something very similar. I would advise changing “Negative thoughts” to something more positive to repeat like, “Time for positivity!” or ," overcome negativity for Eternal bliss!"

Let it come from you what you decide to say, but what you are doing is not harmful. :slight_smile:

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Thats really cool. İ never heard a word like mantra.ok i will try more logical sentences after that. :grinning:thanks for advice

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