Does anybody actually have a split personality?

I’m pretty sure that’s what I have and I’ve been living with it for 20 years. They both have different values, demeanors, ways of acting, religious values the list goes on and on. I guess it boils down to one is psychotic and the other isn’t. Basically they are like living with 2 different people. Completly different. Night and day.

You could try this test

I got 86% and was told to go see a doctor.

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I don’t know how accurate the test is though. But if you have your concerns then definetely speak to your psychiatrist.

I’ve needed some kind of help for 20 years, but have been very private about what has been going on. Maybe I’ll finally get a therapist. I think I told my pdoc last time about some of it. Like, I said it was sometimes like going around with dementia.

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I got 83 percent but I think some of those have over lapping with sz and other mental illness. I now tell my pdoc everything I can remember in our visits. He has set me up with a group therapy and art therapy working on one on one therapy


89%. Wasn’t expecting that high

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Maybe it’s just not an accurate test …

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