Does any one have it where the voices say they are gods and the illuminati

Does any one have it where the voices say they are the designers of everything and the illuminati?

Why do you care so much about the specifics of what others’ voices say? The more important question to ask is how people overcame their voices. What the voices say in particular doesn’t matter at all.


That’s true how did you overcome your voices

The voices say iam the only one

By ignoring them and keeping myself occupied with anything but. The more you think about the voices, the more you’re in the habit of paying attention to them and the more they control you. You know what I do when I’m having a crappy evening with voices chewing on me? I put on some high energy music and bop to it.

Feck the voices. Distraction is the main attraction.

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This is good advice. I found that too. Obsessing over them is not constructive

Thanks this really helps

I do. They say they are angels and demons. Mostly they are calm now

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