Does any of you live in a permanent facility?

What is it like? Do you miss the outside world? Do they treat you good? Psychiatric institutions start quite bad. I think it started as a punishment. I pray you are well.


Lived in a Theraputic Community Hospital for a year if that counts. Drug Free therapy for those with Personality Disorders. Had the top Psychologists mandated from the Uk Home Office.

We cooked and ate as a community - and we were known as residents not patients.
It was the community that voted in new patients not the staff.

Certainly changed my life - and had i not had all that - i reckon i would have had no insight into my later diagnosed Schizophrenia.

It was the type of place where you went thru every emotion possible. Bloody hard but worth it.


Think the longest person to live in a facility here was @martinhersey

13 years if im not mistaken


You’re not mistaken.

My uncle with sz lives in a psychiatric care home. They have one hot meal a day, they do his laundry,… it’s not that bad but some people who live there are dangerous and very ill. They once asked him to leave because they thought he could manage on his own, but he refused since he likes the amenities.

Also his benefits are tied to taking a shot. That’s why he doesn’t quit his meds. He has no insight.

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Covid has made my group home a semi-pernanent facility. On the average week we go to the convenience store one day a week. Otherwise we go to doctor’s appointments or nowhere at all. We wear masks everywhere we go and have seen our relatives 3-5 times since the pandemic began. We also have to meet visitors on the outside deck with our masks on and have only recently been allowed to stay at our relatives overnight. No one has been allowed to stay with a girlfriend overnight either. With Omicron coming I can only cringe.