Does antisycotic protect the heart

does antisycotic protect the heart

No, I’ve had high triglycerides since I’ve been on ap’s

I think its the opposite lol But if you count the risk of death from psychosis then yeah APs protect the heart.


No, not at all. This is what I’ve been told by several cardiologists over the years.

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then why the hell are we taking it and damaging our heart

Every normal doc I’ve had asks"why are your triglycerides so high?" When I tell them it’s because ap medication they ignore me and say it’s because of something I do wrong. #itsyounotme

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I didn’t say they were damaging our hearts, I just said they don’t protect it. One cardiologist was worried about Geodon affecting my heart but the next one said it’s not an issue and he has the test results to prove it.

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Yea one of my providers told me it doesn’t necessarily help but it doesn’t hurt. I believe the provider over an Internet forum.

Because psychosis can be much more deadly.

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Qt signal prolongation that many meds cause can kill too if you go into arrhythmia. It’s a reason to ask for an EKG that psychiatrists often neglect especially if you’re taking pretty bad offenders like Seroquel. Somewhere there’s a chart of Qt signal prolongation per antipsychotic.

Quetiapine is the safest sedative antipsychotic in elders.

Dosage is everything. Seroquel for insomnia is prescribed at 50mg and works by histamine blockade. For schizophrenia that dosage is in the hundreds of mg. Often 600mg. The higher the dosage, the more Qt signal prolongation.

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In dementia they use up to 200mg, still lower than schizophrenia. But they also use lower doses of other antipsychotics that were found to raise mortality more than quetiapine, especially haldol injections.

I believe that’s off-label, looked down upon, and controversial because antipsychotics raise mortality in dementia from stroke, etc. In fact that’s right in the med information sheets.

It is abused, but a minority of patients with dementia like my grandmother needs antipsychotic like schizophrenics do.


Not interested in cardiac advice from you, I’ve got a top notch cardiologist for that and he is managing my case just fine. He regularly communicates with my psychiatrist and family doctor.

Not advice. Just observations and personal experience. In my own case it was discovered that I have it only after I complained that it caused my heart to beat like it was jumping out of my chest, and was verified by an EKG.

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Weird, my psychiatrists prescribe me an ECG every year.


Your case has nothing in common with my case, trust me on that. I’m well monitored.

No. I would definitely say it’s bad for the heart.

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