Does amisulpride help with mood?

I noticed if I take too little I feel “off” like I’m all moody. It helps with psychosis I know, but does it help with mood too?

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I think it does it did when I was on it

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I think it might. Since I came off it, my mood has been awful

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It is used for bipolar as well. So seems that way. Worked really well for me when I was on it.

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Helps me, but I take it with Seroquel. I think it’s a great drug x

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No… amoxilina is a great drug. Benadryl is an okay one. I prefer edamame.

The broken compound amoxicilin or whaterver you call it now.

They tried adding amisulpiride when was in hospital but my prolactin levels were high so had come off it because of cancer risk which sucks because it made me feel good

When I was on amisulpiride plus antidepressant I felt really good but probably not as well balanced as I am on clozapine

Amoxicillin is an antibiotic, good for infections.
Amisulpride is a very good drug for schizophrenia.
Taken with Seroquel it works very similar to clozapine. That’s why I see it a good AP. As it has less negative side effects than clozapine x

Well since I haven’t been injected with half of that ■■■■ I must not know what I’m talking about.

I wish we had it in North America.

Does California not have that? Hmmm… well I can get you some Aguacate with the seed… if you ever need know what I mean, holmes? Lol

What meds are you on @schizophrenisaurus ?

Well once I step outside fresh air.

Oh ■■■■ does high prolactin levels make cancer risk? My mom and grandma had cancer and I really want to avoid it. So I drink soya milk instead of dairy and don’t eat meat. I try to eat healthy.

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Sorry I didn’t mean to upset you. I was just replying. Think we may have got our wires crossed. x

You are not upsetting.

(Gosh I’m going to risk a suspension here…)

See that ■■■■■ with the prolactin worried about growing tiddies? That is upsetting.

I couldn’t take seroquel the side effects were too severe. Rapid heartbeat and severe akathisia

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So you’re off meds now?

Took me a fair few months before that stopped. Seroquel is notorious for rapid heart beat. Been on it for years now and adding Amisulpride worked wonders for me.
If it did me then surely others could benefit from this.
We all react very differently I know, and Amisulpride does raise prolactin. I have lactated from the start. But have never been told it could cause breast cancer. Also my bloods are taken regular. I don’t think it’s available for schizophrenia in the USA sadly. x

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