Does akathisia go away

Diphenhydramine is also known as Benadryl. It is an antihistamine which is for allergies. It may be available at you pharmacy. You could ask your pharmacist too. It may go by the brand name Rival in Romania.


I hope it goes away. There is a possibility of me switching medications (maybe). I shall let you know in the future if I do switch and the akathisia goes away.


I take propranolol and klonopin for it and it works ok

Yeah I’ve had to take Ativan every day. That is not ideal for me. The thing is vraylar works so well for my symptoms and despite the annoying sleepiness and akathisia it’s not anywhere as severe as other APs I’ve tried. And no weight gain at all!! So I feel like giving up on it would be a poor thing to do. I’ll ask my doc about cogentin as I think that’s safer to be on long term than taking Ativan sometimes twice a day to cope.

Issue w blood pressure meds is my BP is already on the low side naturally so when I’ve been put on them before (for ptsd) they made me nearly pass out/black out a lot. :confused: and Benadryl knocks me out and makes me loopy so I have no intention of taking that daily. I hope cogentin is good.

It sounds like we’re having pretty similar experiences on meds. We tried Aripiprazole for a few months, but I wasn’t able to tolerate it.

I told my doctor that why should we be worried about a Benzo when I take AP’s which are much worse. He agreed. I am worried when I do come off them that it the problems will come back.

I have been on one for just over a year now. They do work well. I know Benzos help with this as I was originally prescribed it to combat this a few years ago.

I am really nervous about coming off the Diazepam as I got horrible withdrawals when I tried that before.

I hope your Vraylar works out. Like you say, it’s probably better to take a counter-measure if you want to stay on your current med.

Best of luck with it.

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Being on cogentin would also make me feel better as it is preventative against TD. So there’s no harm in being on it really unless it gives me gross side effects.

I wasn’t able to tolerate abilify either its akathisia was wayyy worse than this. Same w Latuda. This is a milder kind like what I got sometimes w geodon but it’s still unpleasant and interferes w my functioning.

I have not found much side effects from taking Procyclidine. When I first started taking it I had a really dry mouth in the mornings, but that seems to have gone away now. It’s side effects are not on the same page as AP’s.

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