Does abilify help with smoking cessation?

Today I started abilify as an addon and I dont chainsmoke that much, dont feel a huge urge to smoke anymore

It hasn’t helped me. I vape though. But I’d like to quit vaping.

Im trying haloperidol+abilify combination, so far so good, abilify to me is a bit stimulating, are you only on abilify?

Yes, only on Abilify. (15mg)

Is initial anxiety normal when starting abilify? Does it go away ehen I adjust to it?

It got less for me, but didn’t go away.

Yes, for me it does after walking every day,
I don’t feel the urge for more.

I smoke and am on Abilify. I don’t think it helps.

Did initial anxiety go away for you? I also on haloperidol. Does abilify enhance cognition for you?

I never really had anxiety going on it as far as I can remember. No, I don’t believe that enhances cognition for me.

Is it normal for abilify to be stimulating?

I’m not sure. I think it can be.

I was more stimulated off meds than on Abilify, but yes Abilify is a partial dopamine agonist so blocks less dopamine than say my risperidone.