Does 25 mg seroquel helps with anxiety and depression

Any of u guys on seroquel…share ur opinion and experience with seroquel …i am getting good felling on just 2 days …i just started taking it from day before yesteday…

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I have been on low dose seroquel for insomnia, and found it did help with anxiety as well, it can also work as an antidepressant as it is also a noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor.
Seroquel made me ill after a couple of weeks, but most people are fine on it.


I have been in it for just 2 days…i will see in long run …thanks simon…keep doing right…god bless us.

Don’t know about depression but it can help with anxiety and insomnia because it is fairly sedative.

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I’m on 300mg nightly. I still have anxiety. It just made me feel good laying in bed for a few days.

If it does I’m not benefitting. I’ve never heard of seroquel being used for that purpose at that dose. At low doses I’ve heard it’s only a sleep aid. Knocks me out.

I’m taking 25 mgs. at bedtime to help me sleep. It does help me sleep!