Dodged one.....Pathology

So got my pathology back from my skin incision on my left arm. Was an scc so a bit more dramatic than a bcc but still. The doc got the lot and did a good job. Out of the danger zone for a while and just need to get some stitches out this friday and I’m good for 6 months till my next check.

Do all the right things and really conscious of that with family history but still get too much sun out here. It really can be brutal but peeps. Especially if your in a hot climate like out here in Australia …get that regular skin check…It really can save a lot of drama.


well I am glad you are o k !! I just had my very first skin check…and I passed…I have a sun spot under my right eye and I was concerned it might be cancer…nope…yayy


@jukebox this thing on my arm I wasn’t worried about. Thought it was like a spot that wasn’t an issue. The ones I thought were dodgy weren’t. You need to get checked by a good doc. I’d imagine it can be an art but I was really surprised when it came back positive…

Just shows you…Get checked regularly even if your like in you twenties or thirties especially out here.


Mate, good on you for staying on those skin checks and getting seen regularly by a doctor.

I’m thankful to hear it wasn’t anything too serious. :pray:

Take care, and please wear some long sleeves in that sun if you can.


Squamous cell carcinoma is nothing to joke about. I’m just glad the margins were clear. SUNSCREEN

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SCC stands for multiple types of cancer. What was yours? Is there anything else you have to do?

@rogueone I’m glad you got checked out and got that taken care of. Good for you. I will pray for you.


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