Doctors still havent saved a life

this thought popped in my head today, that everyone goes in the end, and that doctors have yet to save a life. yes, they can prolong life, and prevent the inevitable for awhile. but in the end, it will be my time to die sometime.

i guess im just feeling like i dont want to go to the doctor for checkups or whatever. i think the only way i would see a doctor is if i was in pain. my pdoc, is pressuring me to go in for a physical and get blood work done. but im going to tell him no. as i will try to put off going to the doctor until im at least 50 years old.

the nurse thinks I’m a hypochondriac, I’ve even told her this. no winning either way.
did quit my propranolol, very low pulse, and felt like I’d die of heart failure in my sleep.
does anybody know our life expentancy? I’ve already decided and told everyone, I’m not gonna fight an ailment, if it’s my time, it’s my time to go. and I do believe in heaven.

I would at least get a blood test done @Lifer
Don’t procrastinate!


There’s nothing wrong with getting an annual physical. It’s not a big deal. Why not just do it?

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Going to the Dr is essential. You never know what you might have, it might kill you. If I didn’t go to the Dr I would have maybe died from high cholesterol and high blood pressure. On Zyprexa they were really high and I almost developped diabetes too. Family Dr told my pdr to stop the Zyprexa and my blood sugar went back to normal, cholesterol and bp dropped too but I am still taking low dose cholesterol and bp meds.


They increase heart attack risk.

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And yes Drs save lives. Surgery, cancer, blood clots, etc Even psychiatrists save lives as psychiatric meds reduce suicide risk.


Doctors developed medical tabbaco, medical alcohol and medical weed and asthmasprays, that saved my life several time. It gives me emotional comfort and mental stabilty in my dysfunctional reality.

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if you say so.


With the toxins we put into our bodies with the medication, it is vital that our body is routinely checked so that the toxins don’t get too much and poison us. This may mean a change in medication or adding life saving meds that may mean you get to live past 50.

Yes we all die, but some rather sooner than others…


I say to myself best to go to those regular check ups because the earlier a problem is detected the easier it is to fix, left too late and who knows if it can be fixed.


Happy Cake Day! agreed.


I mean, my life may only be prolonged, but I am certainly grateful I didn’t die of cancer at age 16.

@Daze did you quit propranolol under a doctor’s guidance? Suddenly stopping and starting it can have a dangerous effect on your pulse.

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hmmm, yeah I quit cold turkey, nobody said anything.
I had ekg done on my heart,
GP detected it, said it was the med, and I just said, No more to this one.

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When you are quitting propranolol or other beta blockers,it is important to follow a doctor’s guidance. They do treat anxiety, but their primary function is to help with high blood pressure. Quitting suddenly can cause a spike in blood pressure that can be fatal.

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nah, this can be hyper nothingness. I’ve never had high blood pressure, no concern.

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