Doctors office too often

Do any of y’all have doctors that make you go once a month? This is annoying because I don’t have transportation

Not mine. I have to request being seen every two months or else they schedule it every three.

I go to my pdoc every 3 weeks, but it’s by own volition. It’s just a 20 min walk from my home.

I used to hate going to the psychiatric doc because it was two bus rides away one bus I’d have to wait ages for and a 15 minute walk once off the bus.

I see mine every 3 months by doctors command.

Ask about phone appointments.

Even when doing really well I go every 6 weeks. That works good for me because if you have a bad stretch you can get to see your shrink. It’s always hard over here where the docs are under the pump and it’s hard to get in.

I used to go to often to the doctors office clinic. But now I rarely go to the clinic but wind up at the emerg for something stupid that not serious but I think is bad, usually cause I’m on three meds. Internet doesn’t help. That internet.

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