Doctors found lump in my chest, i am panicking


I just had an x ray done due to pain, the result was a lump, now i have to suffer through untill the final result, its the cause of resperdal, it was chest size increase now a lump, i dont think i will be able to sleep well untill the biopsi, and it will take few weeks


are you female? you have a lump? It could be nothing. I wouldn’t worry so much? It could be just a cyst or something. Nobody says you have cancer…that’s a long shot.


I hope for the best. Lumps are scary. My mother in law had beast cancer. She never saw a doctor because she thought that if she ignores it it will go away. It did not go away.

I’m glad you caught the lump in time. It could be nothing, or Risperdal.


I hope the results come out okay.


I am a men, resperdal caused all this


sweep had a lump too and it turned out to be a cyst but it’s better to get these things checked just in case, they just drained the cyst i think and that was it, hope your ok x


Sorry the Risperdal is causing you pain. I am taking Latuda, and while it might cause TD, it’s a pretty good med for me (I also take Stelazine, which probably has a higher risk of TD).


oh my god, I hope it’s nothing scary…I have few lumps here and there but they are not dangerous, I hope not at least…I hope it’s the same with you…


I hope its not dangerous, but i need to have a surgery anyways to remove it. I am going to come off from this med


people have lumps, bumps…it could be a cyst anything.
as we grow older our bodies change, more lines , more bumps…get it cheched out, but it is probably nothing at all.
don’t worry about it, take a deep breath, put it in perspective.
you’ll be fine, know that i care.
take care


It could be something. It could be nothing.
Many, many, years ago I had a large lump behind my nipple. I had it for almost a year. I was a teenager and I didn’t tell anyone. It eventually went away. I think I told my mom about it years later.


Please don`t worry now-especially since it may be just a cyst. Wishing peace and good sleeping


I am waiting for a call from hospital to give me appointment for ultrasound, and mammogram.
I hope they give me appointment very soon.


Tomorrow is my chest exam,

Please pray for me


You are in my prayers. I wish you luck.


Please God nothing is wrong. I will keep you in my prayers.


Thank you comatose and karl, your prayers helped, it turn out to be pile of breast tissue.