Doctor not issued meds

Doctor not issued my monthly seroquel, I don’t know why. What discontinued side effects I’m I likely to experience while waiting for this to be sorted out.

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I don’t know what’s your condition, but you might already know what will happens if you go longer without medication. It’s possible that you’ll be experiencing short relapses without your medication. Anything that is related to your prior symptoms might come back crashing on you.

While you said you are waiting it indicates to me that you have contacted them about the error? If you didn’t contacted them, be quick about it and always ring back the doctor or anyone representing you in the clinic.

I’ve looked at the leaflet and I does list a lot of withdrawal effects. I taken seroquel for sza. I had contacted them a week ago and everything seem correct/ok. Gone to pick up meds today and they have not be sighed off. I can not do anything now till Monday when the surgery is open.

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Anxiety and anger can be one of more frequent instances I’ve experienced myself, when trying to cut down on certain medications, but don’t bet on it, I never took seroquel.

I hope you’ll get your medication as soon as possible. Always stay safe.

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