Doctor dilemma

I have to go to the doctor for a painful, urgent matter.

I always see my PCP, but he was busy today so I’m seeing one of his partners.

I looked up the guy, he’s like ten years younger than me and has only been practicing less than one year.

Should I see him and see what happens or wait for my regular doctor?

It is urgent, so I hate to wait.

Do new doctors make you nervous too?

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IMO all docs are similar

they can heal you

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I don’t think all doctors are created equal and I’m very skeptical of a new one,

Especially one I’ve never seen before.

He’s going to review my medical records and ask me about my schizophrenia which has nothing to do with what’s happening now.

Then tell him you are allowed to be crazy AND sick. And ask wtf your sz has to do with pain and all.

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I think you should just go. If he’s new if anything he might yield to your knowledge and understanding of the illness and not be too textbook. Hopefully he’s cool and won’t try to make any changes to anything. Plus it’s unrelated. Just say “im being treated by another doctor for that currently thank you.” End of story. You are the customer, he is the business. You’re buying medical care you shouldn’t have to be afraid

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Most doctors have saved lifes

That is the aim

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Good point yo. I’ve been scarred by a few doctors tho being hospitalized and stuff. I think I resent them in some ways

Good doctors apply there profession on us at the end of the day

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