Doc visit -hmo vent

Okay so I went to my reg doc Monday and brought my list of referrals needed thanks to my hmo.
neuro for epilepsy
gastro - for 5yr checkup
uro for 2yr checkup
ortho for my knee
derma for 5yr checkup
rheum for lupus
new psychia and psycho

She looked at me like i was crazy and asked why I needed all that. I had to explain everything like we never met before - I told her it is all in my charts I just never had to go through you before thanks to this hmo I am here.

She did bloodwork and they called me back today wanting to put me on lipator for high cholesterol. I told her it’s probably cause I am coming off psych meds like I explained at the visit so send it in but I won’t take it until after 2mo and do new bloodwork.

I asked about my referals and was told it could be awhile depends on the docs - no it doesn’t it depends on stupid hmo! I have been waiting to go to my ortho since may - ppo I just call and make appt not with hmo you go through ■■■■ and get no where.
UGGHHHHhhhhhh… I absolutely hate hmo crap come december I will change it for next yr. don’t know why I got it this yr.


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Yeah I have to call doc back tomorrow anyways because mum said I cannot take lipitor because I already have liver spots from all my meds I have been on, and lipitor is bad for the liver.
so that’s that.

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