Doc told me to reduce one med - itching all over

Reducing my seroquel. Was fine for the first three days but feeling the effects now. Chiefly itching all over. This happened when I came off gabapentin. Think it’s quite common from what I’ve read.


That would be so annoying! But at the same time, so satisfying when you scratch. What a world.


It’s not a sign of an allergic reaction (?) , let the pdoc know if that is not the case.

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I really know the answer to this question.
Seroquel is a H1 receptor antagonist, which means that it has the effect of an antihistamine.
There is a antihistamine called cetirizine, which is super in preventing the itching caused by quetiapine withdrawal.

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Thanks @Simonw!!

@Jimbob if you want to try cetirizine it’s known by the brand name Zyrtec, though store brand should have the same effect.

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