Doc recommended a tonsillectomy

I was told it was very likely bacterial, it looks exactly like strep (white spots everywhere pus all over tonsil) but it isn’t strep and it hasn’t been strep any of the other times I had it either. It’s been recurrent and I’ve gotten it numerous times this year, my tonsils become extremely swollen and infected and painful and I can’t work, can’t sleep, traditional pain meds don’t work, etc. A couple times the infection has even spread to my eyes as well when I get it and I get this severe goopy pinkeye that actually makes it so I can barely see.

Basically the doc was like we’re going to run some tests but it’d probably solve the issue to just get them taken out so I’m waiting for the tests to be sure which will take a couple weeks. I am NOT looking forward to it. I am honestly terrified because I’ve already experienced so much horrible pain in my throat and a tonsillectomy as an adult is supposed to be horrific. And I’m probably going to have to take so much time off work because I have to shout at it and use my voice constantly and I’m anxious I will lose my job. Ugh ugh ugh :disappointed::disappointed:

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I’m sorry @Anna
Hope everything works out.

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I waited long enough to get my tonsils out that my eustachian tubes were crushed and now harbor bacteria in the scar tissue.

Get them out. It won’t get better until you do. It will hurt for a few weeks - I honestly couldn’t imagine a time when I would want any food other than apple sauce. But it’s so much better afterwards.

I was a camp counselor and I did have to resort to a whistle for a week or two. My employer understood and worked with me, though, and I’m sure yours will, too. They’d also prefer a predictable, scheduled time where they needed to cover for you than bouts of unpredictable illness.

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