Doc just emailed my MRI results.... rather interesting

according to the description provided I have had a 30% reduction in ‘excess synapse activity’ since my last MRI a year ago. This has one of two meanings, either my meds are working perfectly inside my head, OR, there is so much damage from my last head injury (six months ago) that my brain hasn’t fully recovered yet.

I’m betting on the second one…

They also noticed that I have more activity in the ‘creative’ parts of my brain compared to a year ago, and my language centers are showing in a way that is similar to how a toddler’s works, meaning learning a new language would be really easy right now.

On that subject…any suggestion for a good language to learn? not Spanish or French please, those two are super common in my area, I’m thinking something more exotic like Japanese or Mandarin.

Those are good and German or Russian are really hard for some people to learn so you might be interested in those?

German would be good, my grandfather spoke it fluently.

That’s awesome. I always thought it was cool. :slight_smile: