Doc in a week + Update

I have my :syringe: on Monday and in a week I will see my psychiatrist.

I am leaving on a short trip for Four business days but when I come back, I will give Geodon one more try.
I have been struggling with the idea for a year now - to do the switch or not. Just been thinking, it is worth one more try - I am stay at home right now so I can manage my hours, work, sleep schedule. So it is worth it? Don’t you think?

I will take Geodon for 2-3 months and see what happens. If I see my OCD has come back (the bizarre racing thoughts) I would go back on the injection.

Other than that, I have been shopping compulsively - especially some random stuff, I feel an urge for.
Yesterday I spent a large portion of my earnings on art material. Papers, canvas’, brushes, acrylic, glitter and some stuff.
I love these but did not need them. So now I guess, I can try to make something worth out of it. =)


Good luck going back to Geodon @cherie!

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Saw my nurse yesterday and asked her if I could decrease the Abilify from 400 to 300 and she agreed. So My injection is postponed for Thrusday and in 10 days afterwards I will start Geodon (Zeldox).

A part of me also wants to stop medication :astonished: not sure why but today I feel so much better without the injection, I am starting to relate to some. A part of me also is thinking to go a month without medication and see what happens.

Seems like your doctor is reducing your Abilify dose to prepare you for the Geodon.
I would stay on your meds @cherie.
You are functioning quite well.

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