Do your voices tell that you are stupid

I do not often have voices because my meds are working well, but sometimes I get voices in my native language that I am stupid, especially when I am posting here. Do your voices tell that you are stupid too?

Oh yes they do. Very often. “How stupid of you to do that, you are such a moran. " “Walk the dark path through the forest!” No I won’t. " you are such a coward!”

My voices speak three languages.

The most stupid thing I actually do is to get angry at my voices and argue back. They are my own brain’s creation and I practically argue with my self.

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Yes, these voices can be disturbing, I try to ignore these as well as I can.

It think that it is interesting how a multilingual person can have voices in different languages.

I have thoughts that I’m stupid but no voices.

I don’t need voices to tell me that.

Constantly. even just a few minutes ago. They tell me other things as well…

My voices tell me I am a hypocrite and a liar. But my meds are working well.

Yes my voices tell me I am stupid or dumb, among other things.