Do your voices patronize you? Or try to guilt you?

What other tactics do your voices try to do to you?

This is sort of like a poll…

I notice my voices do these things to me… It has helped me a bit with coping.

They trick me. Being nice and then evil. I don’t trust them. They try to kill me.

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Hmm. I kind of have two systems of voices. Nice ones (Angel figures) and evil ones (darkness) The angelic voices encourage me and tell me to keep going. But the evil ones give me irrational commands such as to dehydrate myself or hang myself. :disappointed_relieved: The worst is when they fight and both voices come together and grow louder and louder.

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Some the voices I hear are good ( I made up a couple as well) and some really vulgar and nasty. They are very interesting though because they sometimes argue with me and the other voices inside my head. So far I’m counting about 8 different voices.:cold_sweat:

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Taunt, guilt, and insult…occasionally I get the ones that try and portray a family member that just want to sit around and chat, but those are usually rare…since I don’t vocally speak back to them…if I’m alone though I let my mind wander into their conversations sometimes find myself laughing with them…but again the nice/mild ones are rare.


I used to say that they reminded me that I’m a bad person in a very matter-of-fact way, but I’m now trying to think of myself as a good person and them as liars. They have often been jeering and manipulative. They make arguments that, when I’m really psychotic, sound quite logical.


They do that to me too! I think it might be patronizing… I looked up the definition online…

Have you ever told the bad voices to buzz off? If you have, what did they say?

I totally understand

Do they patronize too?

I looked up stuff on manipulation tactics. It helped me out a bit.

I looked up stuff on manipulation tactics.

I think I can overpower the voices a bit more now lol

some of mine try to be my boss. it is infuriating for me. judy

Oh yes. And the only thing that did was make it worse. They laughed at me and got louder. I guess the trick is to not get them even more mad.

Based on my understanding of the word patronize I would say no. They don’t talk to me like I’m ignorant…trying to figure out how to describe condescending vs patronizing but my voices don’t do much of either they just insult, judge negatively, and make me constantly feel guilty about things.

They don’t talk down to me, they don’t act like they’re better than me. It’s like they’re one dimensional in nature and that is to insult me…

wanted to add this. I wrote a blog entry of a conversation going on in my head as I typed it. Below is a copy to the free blog on Google’s Blogger website. It’s a bit explicit in nature so I don’t think it’s appropriate to post on here.

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I saw your dialog. That is how it used to be with me. It is still bad for me, just different.

Wow I wish my voices talk to me they only copy what I say and I say stuff like your fat your mental your fit your body close the book your bi your sick yeah but you’re talking and that’s all that’s in my head day in day out

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I have auditory and tactile hallucinations, I see my assailants driving in cars when Im going about town on errands getting groceries and seeing friends. I try to shake it off but it’s hard. They hit me in the face all day and rape is one of the things they’ll use on you to make you submit to their demands. My case is pretty intense, I’m ex military so alot of military are in my hallucinations and it always makes me fear of going back to a combat arms unit. It’s hard to stay calm and patient with people around me when I’m so tired and fed up with some of this assault that seems to be a constant menace. I pray again, I don’t even hide it from them cause I can’t. They try to accuse me of many things, but I try not to let it destroy myself by crying or giving up. But I feel like I’ve lost alot of my direction and expression.

sometimes but right now they are being really nice. I hear some women telling me she loves me and she’s trying to motivate me to take care of myself.