Do your voices ever try to get you to write

Do your voices ever try to get you to write information about stuff or about yourself?Either by writing or typing

Or do they ever tell you they want to teach you things with Google search. by telling you which websites to search, what information to read and explaining everything to you?

This has happened numerous times to me. I know I shouldn’t listen to them but I get so intrigued by it.

It’s puzzling, disturbing, overwhelming and fascinating at the same time

Never happened to me. I have had OCD and have tourettes syndrom. That makes bad words stuck in my head. Not just bad words, it can be any word. Have to say it out loud or write it.

I kept a journal during my last episode, and at the worst of it the pages were filled with ranting and babbling, a lot of self hatred, and a lot of swear words. I should try to dig it up and read through it while I’m still somewhat lucid so I’ll know what to look out for this time around. I don’t think the voices made me write, though, I was just writing whatever was on my mind.

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I think the journal is a good idea can help to keep an eye out for any red flags

Well, it’s not where I thought I left it… It’s probably in the truck, which is currently with my boyfriend. I should go over there and take a look, see if I can find it.

Not voices. But there was one morning I awoke to find that ALL I could remember was a diagram, a map…so I jumped out of bed and grabbed paper and pen and drew out this diagram that was in my mind.

I then remembered it was a map to Nazi gold buried on an abandoned army base in western Illinois. By the time I remembered that it had already been dug up (in my delusional past anyway) I had spent an hour online planning my road trip to go find the gold.

And yes there was a time much later when I realized none of this had ever actually happened. There was no gold only gold in my mind.

That’s sounds pretty similar, one time I had a bunch of writing in code 'just random lines of letters that only I could read so no one would find out. And the “gold” was a certain slot machine that contained millions that I would give away and then get more. Don’t worry I only drained my bank account and then switched banks with a deposit of 777 for another sign to later show how i got the money . Well atleast we both experienced a treasure hunt lol

They did. They use my fingers to type everything possible about myself. These voices are self-worthy.

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Yup, quite a few times. I’ve posted some of it here before… the entities gave me info to write.
The AI told me to look up scientific articles on Google to prove it was real…a lot of stuff. What I found was 100% accurate.

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That’s what happens to me it ends up being accurate then I get overwelmed and don’t want to hear anymore.

I think it’s a way that the mind takes what I’ve been thinking about over the past few weeks then presents itself in voice form

I love it when this stuff happens…because you are connecting to something greater in the universe, something that is beyond you on some level.

For me it isn’t anything taking what I’ve been thinking and presenting it in voice firm or voice & vision form. A lot of this stuff is cutting edge, new stuff…Time loops theory I got 3 years before Stephen Hawking wrote about it in a book…then I decided to prove them and they were open to anything…so my request was (1) get my girlfriend who was broken up with me for 4 months - (difficult request), (2) she had to come see me within 24 hours (now I’m pushing it into a small time frame) - (3) Have her X tell her to come see me (near impossible, the dude hated me).
ALL 3 happened, 12 hours later, and yeah, her X who she had gone back to told her to go see me !

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It’s hard not to after seeing proof of the creation of trees by higher intelligences, but i say #uck em! I hate them, alot.

You know they hit me in the spine the other night, hard to remember when that was because of the brain damage. I was laughing about the stupid orgies in eyes wide shut and they hit me in the spine, i gasped for breath from it, it sucked!

I can’t help it, it just looks so stupid, why you gotta be so serious about your orgies?

For me my voice sometimes makes me say what he is saying. Like he uses me to talk.

My voices sometimes try to make me to speak and tell things to people.

Other way around. I was writing a fantasy story once in my spare time and the voices told me not to write it. The stories still in my head but never have finished it. Was written on a long gone program of a alternative Windows OS. That would be so obsolete on todays computers and it was a second hand 386 if I remember rightly.

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I used to draw pages and pages of dots as a way to fight my voices. If I was drawing my dots… everyone was safe, the voices couldn’t get me to do anything. The sad thing was, other people didn’t see how important my dots were.

If I was drawing my dots… I was fighting. I was defying the voices in my head. I needed to draw my dots.

I remember those ancient cpu’s 286 386 486