Do your voices ever text you?

Like seeing text messages in your visual field?


I dont have voices but i have seen a sentence fly into my brain.


There was a time period when I was seeing “voices” in Facebook. These “voices” would change words and sentences around to suit them and would change my meaning in my texts. It was really exasperating. If they (these voices), didn’t like what I was texting, they would change my text to something different. Always the opposite meaning to what I was trying to express.

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I don’t have voices, but hallucinations. Once had the words “kill Jim” flash across my computer screen. I do know a Jim and felt this was one of many directions from the FBI that was in the process of recruiting me. Luckily I didn’t want to be recruited that badly. It really is like Satan throwing this crap at us. Thank God the meds help.

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Never had that literally but sometimes a sentence on a page will look like what I’m subconsciously thinking for a split second.

Like during a certain “delusional” time period two years ago the words “crazy love” popped up for a split second in place of something else that was really there.

But it only happens for like half a second and I try not to put any thought into it other than “hmmm, that’s weird”.

I put delusional in quotes because I’m still unsure if that specific thing I’m referring to was delusional or not.

Great book by Francis Chan about God’s love for us.

Idk like are you reading to deep into it.
Guess is a joke you could say if your reading it.

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