Do your symptoms get worse/better depending on your bloodsugar?

I have PCOS, so I’m starting to become insulin resistant. I don’t have type 2 diabetes (yet…), but they’ve put me on metformin a few years back, and it really helps stabilize my bloodsugar.

I’ve noticed that when my bloodsugar is low, some of my symptoms get worse.
I get sad, grumpy, I withdraw, and sort of disappear into myself, if that makes sense.

Anyone else notice a correlation?

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No… I have PCOS too but have not go IR… or diabetes… but I do notice my symptoms much worse during times of my periods before they arrive… do you get that?

Yes, when I’m pms’ing, my symptoms get a little worse. Also during the period.

I read once that the dopamine is at an all-time low during the beginning of a woman’s period, maybe that’s what’s causing it? Us SZ’ers already have effed up dopamine levels

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usually i get it a few days before periods…i KNOW i am gonna get it and i am prepared… getting them just brings relief for some reason… it is strange how our menstrual cycles effects our mental state so much…

Since I have PCOS, I never know when my next period will arrive, but when it does, I usually think to myself “Well, that explans it…” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Do you feel you crave sugar ? Also do you feel like a massive tension in your head just disappears when you get it. My hot head goes cold. So strange.

I sometimes feel like I crave sugar. When my bloodsugar gets low, I get headaches, I start to shake, my head starts to hang, and I get an overwhelming sense of powerlessness and an overall sensation of discomfort.

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I don’t know but I do have a new problem that started today of increased appetite.