Do you wave Hi, and Do you get a wave back?

  • Do you Wave Hi To People Passing By ?
  • Do they wave back ?
  • Are Some Just so self abosorbed they give you the bird / Disgruntly ment ?
  • Are Some Just too busy to wave back ?
  • Do we just need to grin and bare it and never wave hi to anyone ?

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In Canada when you accidentally bump into someone at the grocery store, you both say ‘sorry’.

It our country it means both immediately ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’. :grin:


but I’m simply meaning like sorry , but in a more casual way like a passing car , or postal worker … You just wave hi to them ? And does it help them as well as you when it does occur?

I only wave hi to people whom I know. That’s what’s normal here.

It’s unusual to wave at strangers here in Western Canada. Generally, you make eye contact and nod or say hello when passing someone on a walking path. Patrick is right about our varied use of the word “sorry”. We sometimes even apologize for apologizing.


I get waves by fellow drivers who have Canadian flags on their cars too while driving around town. I always wave back.

I should have taken this picture from the other side so you can see the flag better.

July 1st is Canada Day so lots of people put flags on their cars, but I keep mine on year round.


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