Do you watch twitch tv?

do you watch twitch tv

Sometimes, when a minecraft mod creator streams to test his mod.

And sometimes when I can’t afford to legally stream a football match, some people tend to put it on Twitch and tag it as Fifa to avoid the filters.

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Sometimes. Little LED and I like to watch a Hollow Knight streamer named Collette. My partner watches a lot of MTG streamers.

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They banned Corinna Kopf for wearing a too revealing shirt, while they still keep AlinityTwitch even though her pooch ate out her cooch on live stream.

It’s a weird world.


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I want to watch twitch again. Don’t want to hallucinate and have bad intrusive thoughts though, that makes me imagine that my “rapport” with them is damaged, but that’s silly to think since I’m not literally interacting with them. I’m just a spectator.

I want to get back to the place where my thoughts don’t appear to change the dialogue of people I’m watching. Just want to watch funny antics without “interrupting” them.

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