Do you want to see how people met each other in the 80s?

No dating apps? Too young to work? No problem !


I met my wife at a dance club. We both went to see the same Band perform.

She walked up to me and asked if I’d like to share a drink with her.

Two daughters…two cats…a guinea pig…and the rest is history! :wink:


What band @anon39054230? Let me guess… The Eagles? Lol…

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Apologies I was projecting on you… my folks are big Eagles fans. Btw - I was Dollar_menu

I Like the flock of seagulls haircut on that one dude. Space age love song is a great tune and the only one of theirs I know off hand.

A rock, a pipe and a car and I morphed into Wilt Chamberlain, Elvis Presley and Gene Simmons all rolled into one.

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Fantastic perfect thread
Sitting around on a piece of ground in your hometown
Another way

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