Do you want to be incredible

But how you gonna be


The fact my my pharmacy gave me three months of Xanax must mean my dr has faith in me, and I never abuse or not take meds…never gave anyone reason to think I’d abuse and on I watch have meds timers. To make it through my life and be alive is remarkable


i am incredible. I do not know it myself yet. haha


My spiritual entity thinks I’m incredible and I think He is totally Awesome and Amazing!


I’m not incredible, but I think my husband is. He just does so much. He works full time, goes to grad school full time, manages to handle me with my craziness, deals with the kids, and takes care of everything in the house. And he never gets mad at me. We don’t fight. He doesn’t lose his patience. I don’t know how he does it, but he’s definitely incredible.


I want the incredible edible egg from Fisherprice. :wink:

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I think I’m incredible because I always survive

And I think my alters are incredible for helping me achieve that! even though we don’t always agree/ we get each other in trouble sometimes :sweat_smile:

Also @Happy_H I think you’re incredible!! You’ve been through so much and you’ve survived!! And with everything you’ve been through you’re very kind and a very good person and an even better friend :heart:

Be kind to yourself!

I’m not sure, ask my talking cat, he might know.

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The Incredibles 2 should be a great movie.

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