Do you want to be bomberman?


I dont have this game i want to play it :scream:

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Bomberman is one of my all-time favorite video games! One spring break, my siblings and friends and I just camped out in the living room for three days straight playing Bomberman and eating cereal directly from the box. There were seven of us, so we always had at least four people playing all day and night. We would take turns napping in bean bag chairs when we needed to rest.

Afterwards, I was afraid to go into my closet, because I was worried someone would plant a bomb at the entrance and block me in. It was silly at the time, but looking back, it was probably an early sign of schizophrenia.


cool i had aslo early signs of shizophrenia when girl says its nice weather and sun I thought she wanted to date me becouse of that :DDD

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I don’t own any bomberman games, but they’re cool.

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