Do you want friends or do you want to break rules?

I’m an angry person. I still want to break rules.
It’s when I can’t understand the rule to begin with that mental illness plays a part.

More then 50 shades of grey. So I don’t know what the rules are either. But friends are a dime a dozen and I’m only interested in the rare diamonds these days.

The older I get, the more I like rules. Anarchy is a kid’s game.

I also like having friends. While it’s difficult for me to have more than a small number of really close friends, I always would like more.

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HA I think if your brought up badly you decide authority is ■■■■■■■■ and become a rebel.

I rebelled and I was brought up just fine please and thank you…

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I didn’t rebel,I just never belonged in the inner circle.

mind your Ps and Qs, always wash behind your ears, don’t forget to brush.

I used to break all the rules. Made a lot of friends that way actually. I quit doing drugs including alcohol and I’m find it a lot more difficult to meet people.

I think bryan Ashley its growing up most of the people out partying are in their 20s id say and its a bit sad to see older people doing it.
its really hard to meet people im going to try thisplace called the anchor project its a drop in for thementally ill
have you got anythinglike that near you?

Yeah I made a lot of friends along my road of broken rules…except that I tended to break or at least bend even the rules most rule breakers don’t even think to break…I used to throw these bon fire parties back in the day where anything went…total judgment free zone…clothing was even optional…no limits or restriction on much beyond you know seriously harming someone…but beyond that I mean you didn’t have to even be cool or anything to be invited. The conventional concept of what was cool was being thrown out with the rest of the rules anyway.

Now I have to listen to Conventional Wisdom by Built to Spill again…it’s been a few weeks.

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I can do with minimal friends…in fact just my partner is cool for 3D. As for rules there are good rules that should be followed - God ordained rules I would call them. Treat people good, thou shalt not kill, steal, etc…And then there are rules of man that can be good or sometimes can be totally bogus crap. Or funny, and some can just be ignored…LOL

Like Malvok said, The older I get, The more I like rules. When I was young, I liked to challenge the rules. But now, I obtained much more understanding of the rules and respect them.

Same here, I always wanted to belong. I wanted to be in the popular crowd but no matter where we moved, I always found my way being pushed down to the odd-balls and rejects. I moved like 3 times growing up and never got very popular in any of the places I lived. High school was the worst because that’s when my Schizophrenia initially kicked in. I was really, really out of it. I failed my Freshman year because of it and that was hard because while I wasn’t an egg head I had decent grades. Then we moved once my medication got adjusted, from one city to another, and I was so loopy from the meds I don’t know how I came across to the other kids in school. Not to mention I was now in an inner city school with a predominantly African American population and I was like one of 10 white kids…yeah high school was rough.

Since then I haven’t had much luck in the friend department. I have my best friend, who’s known me since elementary school, but other than her there really isn’t anyone I can say I’m close friends with.