Do You usually set goals for new year? it is common in your country?

In my country it is common to talk about set goals for new year, you can hear this on radio, tv, etc. Personally I don´t set goals but I think that it is a mistake, perhaps I should set goals when the year begin so to do a evaluation until the end the same.
What is your experience?
What do you recommend me?

I think everyone tries to make a change for the new year. The thing is… everyone seems to try to make huge changes… and make them all at once.

I try to just set simple goals… and I don’t do it just in the new year… I do it all year.

Good luck


It is common in my country, I’m terrible with new years resolutions, it seems I never follow through. It’s one of my new year resolutions to change that :smile:


The TV starts running ads for Health clubs.
My phone contract is almost finished and I’m gonna cut the cord and just use wifi.
Then with the money I save, I can rejoin the club.
I had quit because the price went up.
But without all the machines, I got weaker.

This year is the first year I set goals on the start of the year. Typically I do my resolutions on my birthday which is technically the beginning of a new year for me.