Do you use the Internet to buy food

I recently discovered that one of my local stores has the Internet service where people can order food and then the order is delivered to a buyer’s address. This store is just 100 meters from my place and I have no real need for this Internet service, but it can be helpful for those who can not walk to the store and who can use the net.

Recently I also saw an ad on the TV that people can order clothes from one store using their Internet service and these clothes are delivered in 2-3 days. No wonder the retail stores selling clothes have big discounts currently. More and more businesses go to the Internet and have their own Internet web stores.

What do you think about this trend?

Better to stay indoors and order online !

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I am not afraid of coronavirus, in China they have a real problem, my brother and his son are in China.

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I like going to the discount store, they have no frills, so they offer the best price and have lots of in store specials, I just buy whatever is on sale and it changes what I eat so its all good.

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I have my groceries delivered. I also order my clothes online. It’s very helpful because I have a tough time going into stores.

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I am wearing my camouflage clothing every day, I bought these used and I like wearing them. In this winter I have not needed to wear my good winter clothing. Even flea markets have discounts, a big bag of clothes for 1 euro and at another flea market one clothes for 50 cents. I suppose it is the tough competition in the retail clothes market currently. I buy used clothes.

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I order mine online every week. Its saves the hassle of me carrying it home - and dealing with other people and my wayward head. If i am in a supermarket its at 3am in the 24hr tesco or 8am when theres nobody else about. I find it easier that way.

The corner shop is 200 yards from my front door - so i use him for the milk and eggs and perishables if i need them.

All my stuff is done online - including all the bills, and clothes etc i get from amazon. I could stay in for a month and still not need to venture outdoors. :slight_smile:

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I like outdoors, mostly riding my bicycle if it is possible, my grocery stores are near, one just 100 meters from my place and another 300 meters from my place, I like to walk to these stores, I may also see people whom I know. But I think that many online services are very helpful for many people. People can order books, clothes etc. in their own peace at their places.

We will order groceries online, it’s a piece of cake.
But many times we will shop at the stores.
It all depends.

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I have no car and can’t carry my groceries by public transport cause I got backpain. Onlinedeliveries go straight into my kitchen.


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