Do you use public parks?

I workout at one sometimes. I worked out there today actually.

I go for hikes all the time at public parks. Like I’ll do 8 mile hikes at this place called Devil’s Den

I hung out there so much that I had a delusion I was the devil…

I didn’t get a chance to do the 8 mile hike this fall, rather a bunch of 2-4 mile hikes.

But yes I love the park, especially Devil’s Den.

I love my city’s park and spend a lot of time in it (it’s quite huge too).

Recently I find it boring walking in the park.

I work for public parks…

landscaping… planting… trail and maintenance… community gardens…

I also find my peace in quiet in them…

I find my joy in them.

I’m able to ground myself in them.

I love working in the parks… it’s been the job that’s saved me.


I use public washrooms. People get less excited that way.


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Yeah I like public parks, I have a favorite but it was close to the house I lived before, now it’s a bit too far away to go. I have two public parks near here now and they’re good. A bit crowded during the week.

only when i can’t find a loo :toilet: …lol :smiley:
take care :alien:

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