Do you use/like nurse practitioners?

I was having shortness of breath, and the doctors were doing tons of expensive tests on my lungs and heart. I finally went to a nurse practitioner who determined I had anemia and vitamin D deficiency. The shortness of breath went away after treatment for the deficiencies.


I bet that nurse practitioners are as good at diagnosis as doctors. There are probably a lot of other jobs they do as good or better than doctors.


I prefer them to doctors


I prefer Nurse Practitioners to doctors myself. I see one for psych. care, internal medicine, and dermatology.

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Nurse practitioners in my experience have either been amazing and given me the best care I could receive or given me the worst most traumatic experiences of my life. No inbetween

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I prefer doctors over a Nurse Practitioner I have been seeing a nurse Practitioner And she is very strange she acts like she doesn’t know what she’s talking about sometimes when she suggests things, I find ludicrous.

I’m glad you are feeling better @anon54988740 .

Good it was an easy fix.

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I have a rezident (finished med school and working towards becomeing a full doctor). I am going to see her and a doctor as well right now.

I prefer doctor for my needs.

The rise of NPs is so hospitals can pay less profit more.