Do you have fillers when you, like, talk

I used to use um to start a sentence frequently. Like giving myself a second to think before I speak. The ability to talk fast is a considered a strength in the social arena and in business. That poses a potential/probable conundrum for sz. When freely communicating to other earthlings, we should be given a moment to take in a message and if prompted, reply, out of Respect more than anything-- am I right??

I’ve been noticing when I call customer care lines nowadays, they wait 2-3 seconds before responding. That’s very refreshing and something I think everyone on a phone should incorporate. Maybe then we can have a more thoughtful and engaging conversation. Wow, this thought went places. From an um… to my soapbox.

(when I say Respect, I mean a healthy respect, not one of entitlement)

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I usually don’t need to think over what I have to say more than a split second.

But when I do, I wait and think it over.

I used to a lot more than I do now. Now I don’t care about really long pauses for me to try to send him front to stay r

I sometimes say ‘hmmm’ and put on my thinking face to buy time to come up with an answer

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I sometimes think for 2-3 weeks before I say something. That’s a lot of “um”.

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