Do you trust the vibe you get of certain people?

Well as above folks

Thoughts on it?


I find that first impressions can be misleading. Usually best to give people a chance and then form an opinion based on the quality of their actions and interactions.


I can feel it in my guts sometimes when I interact with other people

It can trigger fear sometimes

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U can feel a good vibe from people, simply from the feeling U get from your stomach.


I agree with Pixel. You can’t always trust first impressions. Better to give someone some time to show their true colors. Much more likely to get an accurate picture of a person that way.

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I don’t really trust my senses anymore IRL, so I tend to shut people out as a way to protect myself.

Online for here example, I am used to the different personalities

Just wish it was simpler to navigate the real world.

Too much ill-intent going on for my liking

At least on a forum like this one, people are taking time out of their day to talk to and help other people. There is a lot to be said for that

Going through what I did with drugs I have to be super vigilant who I let in. One day I will have to accept that i’ll need to connect with others, but the trust threshold is so high these days that a vibe I will ignore through fear of mis-interpretation of intent on my part

I am not saying everyone is out to do harm in the real world, but for me for a while that was the case, and for all the speeches my CPN comes out with I doubt I am going to change now

It has been years, and although it has been somewhat alone in this journey, at least it’s clean and being a good citizen and trying my best to support myself and my parents as much as possible

Once I was in a nightclub and a girl told me to smile, she said I am giving her bad vibes :rofl:
I dont like nightclubs anymore, I just tried them when I was young.


Hmm. . .

I Don’t Trust The Vibe Of Lying. Although It’s A Lie So How Do You Know?.

Afterall It’s A Lie. When Truth Is What You Read, Say In The Holy Bible For Example.

How Are Lies Even A Possible Reality?.

I think schizophrenia has dulled, or gotten rid of, my ability to pick up on “vibes” from people

I always trust vibes n 9 times outa 10 im right to

Idk why ppl talk about vibes these days. My fb and instagram friends keep posting pics with positive vibes written on them or vacation pic with vacation vibes written on it. Everything is called a vibe lmao Schizophrenia vibes :rofl:


Yea feel like there’s a lot of talk about vibes lately.

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Yea I do trust my vibes I get off people very much so.

I don’t know why but I just do…

I mean surely I’m feeling those vibes for a reason?

Be it good or bad vibes

Some vibes I get from people I brush off cause I know I might be wrong. But I brush off these feelings all the time with certain people and then confuse myself about what I think and what is real. Then I just go into a purgatory of thought where I dont have any thoughts cause I’m afraid that my instincts are always incorrect. I’m confusing myself even now lol.

vibes can sometimes change after many years perhaps.

there is this woman who i did not like but 20 years later i have warmed up to her and she does not seem so hostile anymore.
i thought the thought of opening up to liking her.
she is a famous person.
i always felt she had fake vibes about her somehow but there is a nice side there too and a genuine her.

good vibrations hey.

good vibes never get old.
love that helps me be less vain about being chubby and wrinkly.

i usually trust vibes but maybe someone is doing identity theft or is having a bad day.

there are people i know that give me bad vibes and i just avoid them except for when i cant.

i just finished reading a book called raise your vibration by kyle gray.

pretty good.

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