Do you think you have delusion or delusion has you?

Whatever, discuss…

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I think if I’m interpreting this right, that delusions have me. When I’m in the moment having one its very captivating and honestly it feels like you get swept up in it. They feel very flimsy though when you’re feeling healthy.


Delusions used to get me but now I stop them from doing so with the help of meds.

I guess its half and half with me whether they have me or i have them. But, if its all real its not really delusion, is it?

It’s been said that…

“Comedy is tragedy plus time.”

I feel the same way about my delusions sometimes. When I’m in the thick of it, it really is brutal. But with time I look back and realize how ridiculous it all was.

With risperdal I don’t have delusions.
But if I’m on an extremely low dose or I’m off my meds then I will become extremely delusional and paranoid.

Pretty sure it swings between delusional and not delusional.

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the delusions used to have me… but with the meds it’s much better!

Hm. I’m a bit too tired to understand the question.

But I think if I were to put my own take on it,

It is sort of 90 percent I have delusion.

And ten percent delusion has me.

But I hope to make it 100 percent I have delusion.

My Delusions dont have me at all - whilst medicated. But the same tired old crap of me being an “angel for children” rears its ugly head when im over-tired, drunk, or not done the meds. And even then i try to logic it away. But as you know, when your in the grip of one “it just makes sense” .

I probably really have PTSD. I am constantly harassed by deranged lunatics who never know what they’re talking about, and obsess about making my life disgusting. They’re constantly lying about me, because they think it’s an excuse to do sick illegal things.

Delusions torture the heck outta me, but I have insight so I know that delusions aren’t real. But nonetheless, they still have a great impact on me.

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