Do you think you can be at peace while in mental torment

I’m in mental torment 24/7 so I need to find a way to accept it

Ironically. I have been completely at peace at times during psychosis, from hallucinations to complete delusions of other nature

I hope you feel better soon.

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Been married for over 20 years, so, I got this.


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I know from experience that living in fear can be terrifying.

I get more angry at my stalkers these days.

Which is probably just as unhealthy.

You’re still very young, so hopefully your symptoms will mellow out with age.

Took time, right meds, and talking and not being afraid. I had severe dp/dr…

I have many moments of peace of mind and my thinking slows down often. For me, it’s all in the timing. If I am interacting with normies and they seem pretty calm then I can be calm too. Sometimes peace of mind is like a drug. I just savor it, let it wash over me.


I have an undiagnosed (more like clinical dx) genetic disorder. From what I know, my doctor isn’t very hopeful.

At first I panicked really badly. I was so angry at myself. I hated my life. I tortured myself because I hated myself.

But then comes the acceptance of the degenerative process…and you just learn to live with this illness. You just accept your changing body as it comes.

It’s agonizing but at the same time I’m at peace.

It takes time to balance internal panic and peace at the same time. I’m learning the art of it myself.

Hang in there. You are not alone.

I also am in torment 24/7 I developed really bad thought disorder since December and it torment me everyday I use to be at peace even with schizophrenia but I do feel I’m getting slightly better I can only hope that I continue to improve

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I found that I can live without fear and the delusions got better, breathing exercises if im anxious also helps.