Do you think we will see a day

Where people will have a big jar of cbd oil and every time you get hurt as a kid your mommy will be like “rub some cbd oil on it!!” Because it is a antiimmflammatory. Also helps migraines, headaches. Also helps mental health. And sleep. So like it might have the same benefits or more of Tylenol with less risk even and it could replace Tylenol I think with a big jar in mommas medicine cabinet. Who knows. It’s all new to us and expensive so we don’t really know. But I see potential in cbd :thinking:


As long as it gets passed by the FDA I have no problem with it.


I first read this as cod oil. It gave me a chuckle.


I’ve heard that it’s good for seizures as well and for pain management, too! It would be good for people with conditions like myself who’s in physical pain 24/7.

As a person suffering from both physical and psychological conditions, I’m hopeful about it.


Phil takes it in pill form.

I haven’t tried it though, for my frequent head pain.

maybe should.

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Oh yeah how could I forget about charlottes web!!

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