Do you think too much?

I used to found when it came to exams if I was doing well in the course then studying for the exam just caused anxiety and self doubt. On the other hand if I was doing poorly then craming was my only hope.

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Anxiety can lead me to overthink at times but I’m doing what I can to combat that when needed.

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I kind of agree. But then. It might be. Just the type of thinking?

Eg, constructive is when you solve problems or are logical. Destructive is when it just becomes a representation of how you feel about things.

My thoughts have thoughts and so on. Yes, I think too much. It’s like OCD or something maybe Aspergers. A lot of DP/DR existential stuff.

It’s tamed down over the years.

Same here but only when without meds. Meds reduce my overthinking to normal levels.

I’ve been drinking energy drinks for 10+ years while sick evry day. If I don’t, I feel off and sick. I guess my body is dependent and I’m used to being energized and doing stuff. Not anymore…Can’t quit the habit. It worsens my thoughts.

If I didn’t drink the drinks, I would be a different person and perhaps on a different planet. Not sure if good or bad lol.


I sleep all day if I don’t drink caffeine.

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I drink a few cups of coffee a day and once or twice a week I’ll have an energy drink. Caffeine keeps me functioning.

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I think WAY too much and I hate it. It usually gives me great anxiety, I really hate it so much

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