Do you think this would work?

I’m thinking of down the road becoming certified as a running coach and having a community class for people with mental health problems and learning to run to build self esteem and social contact and everything. I know i would LOVE something like that myself. Do you think people would be interested in this??


There is a lot of research happening in exercise and it’s positive benefits with mental illness. This is exactly why the kid sis want’s to be a physical therapist.
I think your on the right track to a great new career.

It wouldn’t be a career at all. just a fun activity but thanks!

I say “Go for it.” Is there an opportunity to become certified nearby?

I think your running class would work. Good luck with your class. :smile:

I think it’s a fairly good idea. It wouldn’t hurt to try, right? If you fail so what!!

It’s down the road. I want to improve myself first. I’ve ran some marathons but all of them were quite a while ago. So i want to improve on my own fitness but i would like to do a class like this in the future. I think it would be fun. I will let you guys know how it goes if i decide to do it. Thanks for everyone’s comments!

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If that is what you want, then I say, “Go for it, girl!!” There are links between good mental health and exercise, and I think it would help people with mental illness a lot.

I would love to join a class like that. Just to be around other people like me/in similar situations as me. Plus it would be a fun positive activity. I think you should definitely do this.

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