Do you think there will be fires?

Do you think there will be fires in the forest this year? Usually it starts around now and it was a hot topic a few years ago.

Lately tho the news doesnt seem to pick up on forest fires as much as they used to.

And this year I expect the whole damn world to catch fire


I guess there is some fires going on right now. Usually places with heat waves. Its been very cold here despite being summer.

Well, if you believe in “global warming” yes. But I personally think it’s mostly if not all man made.

I’m praying not. We don’t need anymore fires here everything but the cities has burned. It is such a scary displacing kind of thing. They probably shut off our power for days to avoid it though.

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The world’s going to hell. Certainly feels like it to me. Mom talks about it all the time.

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not the Church of faithful believers. it could be a bad fire season. the heat held off until now, but it has been windy- drying stuff anyway. it was a nice place to live 10-25 years ago. now a little scary. how about where you are @anon28145038 ? everywhere in calif ?

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