Do you think thats possible?



Informative …!!! Sup mihail…what are u upto…???

Im having hard time dealing with joint I smoked yesterday night by incident. Today I feel awful, dont know where Im

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It looks fake to me… how can you catch hiv/aids by sharing merjuana… you can’t catch it by sharing food :confused:

is marijuana ever injected?

Its kind of joke but im so afraid for myself…

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U are 100% right…


Please help me…

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Whatz wrong …???

It’s COMPLETELY a joke. Stoners made this meme I guarantee you. It’s satirical showing that marijuana isn’t bad for people who can handle it. Although oftentimes people with schizophrenia can’t handle smoking marijuana because it can cause psychosis.


After a long time chew …do u still smoke weed …

Yes I’m a good girl I don’t know how to even spell weed

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I’m not allowed to post about that here.

But if I DID smoke weed, I would combine it with CBD because it cancels out much of the bad effect! :wink:

I haven’t drank in 31 days btw.


If you have concerns you can go to a gum clinic and get tested but I highly doubt you have aids or hiv cos you shared weed

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Haha ish better not to talk about weed …its fatal when overdose…have u started abilify…?? I am feeling bored ryte now can u sing for me…?? Sing and upload…!!! Jk …lol…!!!

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No, thats heroin. Luckily marijuana is much less dangerous.


As I said always, maybe not, marijuana is an incomplete or fake miracle, we should search sth more safe to reach god, how is your opinion about modafinil+ orap(pimozid),

Modafinil stimulates brain severely and pimozid gives you stability of mind protecting your thoughts from jumping giving you time to realize and pondeing your thought,

The flood of thoughts causing by this kind of matters needs a dam to be useful otherwise the flood will ruin everything,

If you have better ideas give them to me please,

Guys are you just max level of trolling or are you this ignorant about drug use? Lol.

smoked weed for years and yes it can result in delusions, anxiety and depression as well as helping develops schitzophrenia.

If you’re going to smoke don’t he a dumb ass and chase every little strong of thought and feeling.

@Mihail you look like a strong man, so be strong my friend without this kind of drugs


When it comes to schitzophrenia, alcohol is a much “safer” alternative. I’m not encouraging it though


Im better. I hope it will go out of my system sooner.