Do you think that you are smart

I’m smart in some respect … I think I didn’t apply myself enough in high school and that trickled down to the objective test they give you in the states when your in high school.

Nowadays I catch myself in circles trying to ‘think my way out of my schizophrenia’. A la what is said in ‘a beautiful mind’ by doctor to patient.

It’s also said there: that ‘you cannot, because the problem IS [ones] mind…’. Or something like that.

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Haha that’s very depressing… Is that a doctor who said that to you.

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That’s good that you’ve improved your concentration since then, do you know what might have helped or is it just time and medication adjustment to the body

Well your name is Mr hope, of course there’s hope :crazy_face: :upside_down_face:… Yea I really understand about bad tendancies… We just got to keep trying and changing methods of trying until we find one that sticks.

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Yea this really scares me.

I won’t elaborate.

But it makes me effing determined to reduce my risk of relapse,

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Nah I was still just quoting the movie…

A beautiful mind though is required viewing for a Sz or even anyone with psychosis in their past…

good soundtrack, though they paint a sacchrine sweet picture of the real man(John Nash’s) personal life at the end of it.

But your better off not knowing that! - AND maybe that is what I can say here most appropriately or best.


Yea I’ve seen it. I like the music a lot.

How comes??

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As you put it I think it was just time and med adjustment.

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Because your innocent and that’s a good thing. Unassuming too. Unlike what or how I perceive myself, but I’m hard on myself, I’m not asking for a compliment back…

)Expression is a gift and it says something about the person who passes the gift and also says something about the person who receives )said gift. That’s why I said it felt like a appropriate way to punctuate my post!

I worked for Tiffany & Co… they taught us this and it’s just kind of nice to know.


Thankyou that’s cool :innocent:

Although I’ve been a sinner for many years lol.

You are easy to talk to i’ll give you that :innocent:

That’s very important to have that quality

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Of course. And thank you for the compliment. That was nice to hear and you made me smile ‘big-time’. : ).

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Aw you’re sweet :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

I’m glad that I made you smile. BIG smile :smiley:

You really are authentic.

It’s lovely.

That’s why you’re easy to talk to

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Aww shucks! I don’t know what to say.

You command and give respect … Your status and standing with your fellow forumers is good… you radiate the good…And you are in the sweet spot of things/life as related to the media you’ve chose to take in, and express outward to the group…probably all groups!

Again… that feels like the way to punctuate; and (I was delicate and conscientious in everything I said; it felt like the right thing to impart from my lips to [G]ods wars as some might say it!

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Ears not wars that was a typo

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I once came in second place at a spelling bee. They gave the word and I asked for the definition of the word and it was: something you sit on.

I spelled it C.O.W.C.H.

I was awarded the bronze medal even though I got second place. I never recovered.

But in all honesty I am just average. Actually what is even better is that my common sense has improved as I got older. Now that is something. Imho


Depends on what, I am still smart with technology and computers, I still repair and upgrade my friends and family PCs etc Hardware and software etc

I was smart in university while on Abilify, got my degree in kinesiology/rehab. But for sure sz is handicapping me, my grades went down, less functional, etc My intelligence was well above average before sz, I got invited by teachers to math and physics competitions, they also wanted me to be a TA, teach other students for money etc


Blocking dopamine and sz can lower intelligence.

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People can be very intelligent one way, and seriously lacking another way. My mom talked about this guy who was an adult who was learning to read. He had a verbal IQ of 75 and a nonverbal IQ of 150. There was this nuclear physicist who was in on the discovery of the atomic bomb who couldn’t drive. I think his name was Szilard, or something like that. I have pretty good general background knowledge, but I’ve been on the internet for almost ten years, and I still don’t know how to send an email. In many ways I am seriously lacking. Give yourself credit. You might be smarter than you think. I bet you have abilities you haven’t discovered yet that you could put to good use.


Actually the sz part can be fixed with stimulants I think according to my experience with LDopa. So yes meds worsen things as they block dopamine and sz itself can cause low dopamine in some brain parts according to my psychiatrist.

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Besides @Mae

You are a brilliant artist. I love your abstracts. Try not to force yourself by doing things that don’t make you happy. Trying to read Finnagan’s Wake when you don’t like to read or have difficulty reading is going to set up up for a disappointment. I’ve been there myself. Trying to learn a musical instrument that I dislike over the one I love is a game changer.