Do you think that they are real?

Do you think your voices are real? Mine are autonomous which is self- governing. It is creative. I have gone periods I don’t believe. It’s hard dealing with this but I think I need it, it gives me something to focus on and it tells me how I feel. I don’t even really hear voices anymore, it’s not sound, it’s in my head and my mind is quiet, still it is hard, he’s a super jerk.

No, they are not real. They are in my head even if it sounds like they come from outside.

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Oh. So do you not hear a voice, but like thoughts that aren’t your own?

Because that’s what happened to me in 2022

They have their own types of voices, ages and sex.

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I had intrusive thoughts, not voices. And have felt weird about them telling me things I didn’t even think of myself. For lack of better words. I’d sometimes be surprised: huh? That’s not how I feel.

I still think they are my own though. Nobody knows. Obviously. But for the purpose of living a good life, I assume they are my own thoughts. And also, it is for me to choose what of it I believe. It’s often things that were said to me…for example by caregivers in my childhood…or I saw a movie that was integrated in my weird thoughts…etc