Do you think tattoo rings would look good?

Because I have put on weight, all my rings need cutting off my fingers.

I have four of them

Was thinking I could get a few tattoo bands round my fingers

Been looking online and and quite like them

Not sure if work would be too impressed


You can wear a ring over your tattoo rings if needed.

I think tattoo rings look good.

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I don’t have any tattoos. I know people really like their tattoos. If I got one it would have to be a good one. Maybe a small Woody woodpecker.

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I’m 58 and have one piercing and two tattoos. I’m thinking about getting a cartilage piercing on the upper part of my ear, just a collar. Does this sound a bit outre for an older guy, or am I worrying about nothing? Any thoughts?


I wouldn’t worry about it at all. Go for it! Will look good :slight_smile:

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Depends on design maybe? Some are very cute. Not trying to be mean😀


It’s an expensive waste.

Tattoos on fingers wear away pretty quickly.


I have to agree with @ZombieMombie Finger tattoos do look rather tacky without any sufficiency .

Can’t you get your rings enlarged? Rings look better I think.

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Ah ok. If they fade I won’t do it!

Thanks @ZombieMombie for sharing that article.

My oldest sleeve is 10 years old and it’s still in good shape

Didn’t really think about the things the article says about the skin on hands

They were not expensive rings.

3 are silver and 1 is stainless steel

I think it depends on where. I have one on the back of my hand that hasn’t faded too much in 30 years. But fingers are always being used.

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I have all of my knuckles tattooed, and I can confirm they fade quickly. I’m committed to my tattoo game so touch ups aren’t a problem for me, but they’re a reality for finger tattoos especially.


I am thinking of getting a Virgo symbol on the ring finger. Just above the biggest knuckle, where a ring would sit, but not around the whole finger.

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