Do you think SZ is a programmable disease?

First of all, do you believe you can be programmed?

I dont mean through technology, but rather; lifestyle, environment, what food you eat, what music you listen to etc. etc…

Lastly, do you believe SZ is a programmable disease; i.e you can be programmed to be SZ?

What do you think?

I think you can be susceptible to schizophrenia and stress in the environment can trigger it into becoming full blown schizophrenia. Sometimes anyway.


Yeah I guess you can say its been programmed into us. But the code is sooooooooooo complex you cant even begin to comprehend.

What triggers it in one person may not trigger it in another because of different environment/settings/codings.

I tend to think its more environmental than genetic but your genetics influence your environment. So in the end I dont even know.


Epigenetics is how our environment influences the expression of our genes.

Then there’s the genes themselves.

I wonder how much power epigenetics has over what genes are switched on n which are switched off.

Fuk alcohol and mdma :unamused:

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There has to be one. Pre-written. It could be written in many ways but the outcome stays the same.

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I think environmental and or stress can trigger sz, so keep yourself from anything that triggers your illness especially stress.

According to the fake thoughts and voices in my head my schizophrenia is a programmed disease, programmed by a highly advanced extraterrestrial species to be precise. They have two theories.

First one is that it’s a condition of the soul (consciousness) rather than the brain. According to that theory the extraterrestrials have learned to tap into and program the plane where souls exist. By doing that they can send targeted attacks down that plane in the form of “spirits” or “demons”, which are essentially pieces of code that are able to apply themselves to an individual’s soul, upon which that individual becomes “possessed”. The brain can then be affected via the soul<->brain interaction, or it can be active solely on the soul level.

The second one is based on the ancient astronauts theory, which in short claims that humans may have been in interaction with extraterrestrial species in prehistoric times. They say that the aliens may have modified the DNA of humans, and since the DNA contains all the information needed to build up a human being, they (being experts at genetic engineering) could have added the “code” for what we call schizophrenia.

The motives, according to the voices, could be either 1) control, 2) unknown to them, or 3) known to them but not allowed to tell me.


I’ve always wondered if a if it’s sz if a random person just believes in something sz like. I guess it’s not though.

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