Do you think people who have intellectual disability should be on psych meds?

I worked in direct care for years,

and many of my clients were on them.

I couldn’t tell if by taking meds, or not,
if they really needed them.

Do you think this population is more prone to mental illness?

my son, Down syndrome, 29 y.o., never been on meds.

what’s your research on this @firemonkey

I don’t think so unless they also have a mentl illness

It depends on the individual. Whether they also show signs of severe mental illness.

likely I’m thinking it started with the parents giving them psych meds,

for various reasons that might be inaccurate.

as of yet, nobody can prove mental illness.

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Maybe some benzos for agitated autistic kids.
Some are very strong and violent.
My psychiatrist was seeing also a neighbor of mine,
who has Asperger’s, and he is very agitated and
strong, so that no one can calm him down.

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sounds like giving meds for behavior and action control.

still that doesn’t prove mental illness.

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My neighbor, is the case i know first hand,
has Asperger’s with psychotic features.
That’s why he takes antipsychotics too.
Benzos, antidepressant etc.
He believes that cars will get into him,
he is afraid of cars, afraid to walk outside.
He has severe depression when comparing
himself with his peers etc.

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I don’t think any body should be on AP unless they are having a mental illness. Not with all those awfull side effects.


I don’t see the point of giving meds unless they provide a tangible benefit. Of course, for many caregivers, making the patient less work to deal with is the primary benefit sought.


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