Do you think people around you understand what is schizophrenia?

I’m getting in delusion where people around me understand everything I am doing. They even could read my mind, watching me. I’m not realy sure this is delusion or not. Can anyone help me clarify this?

I’m positive that noone can read your mind, it’s your illness playing tricks on you.
As in them understanding the illness, it’s difficult to understand even if you try, but I’m not sure what you mean because I don’t know what their reactions are, the people around you.
But no, noone can read your mind and they have better things to do than watch you all the time.

People can’t read other people’s mind. What’s in your head is all yours.

As far as understanding everything your doing… I don’t that’s possible either. I have Sz… living with it for 13 years now… even I don’t always understand how my cross wired head does what it does…

My family tries to be informed of symptoms… tries to be patient and knowledgeable… but even they don’t understand what it’s like being in my head.

Good luck…

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They understand it a tiny bit, but in a lot less demented/less challenging way.

I have had the delusion that people can read my mind. I think my partner understands but my in laws and family I think don’t completely understand. my mom kind of does but whenever I try to talk to her about my problems she changes the subject to talk about her or my dad. I don’t mind hearing about them but sometimes I just want to know i’m not alone in this illness. I’ve only ever had one conversation with my dad about our shared illnesses. we talked about the shadow people.

:astonished: you too???

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I wish I could help.

I’ve heard a lot of people with psychotic illnesses see shadow people or shadow animals. I didn’t see shadow people at first but as time went on I started seeing them.

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phantom animals are a thing?

I used to think they were the souls of dead animals who took pity on me when I was psychotic, like guardian phantom cats and stuff. Sometimes it was a dog, or a bird, but it was like I felt a pet near me, turned, nothing, like it fled before I saw it. That is sooo interesting that we all have such eerily similar symptoms!

I also get phantom dude-carrying-a-shotgun-or-bat-to-protect-me. He reminds me of my ex and he’s the only part of my psychosis that I miss, as he looked out for me when I would take off walking in the middle of the night in the grips of delusions and hallucinations. Well, I also miss that this one taunting voice would periodically get nice and the voice would like reverberate from my stuffed teddy bear. It thought it was funny to make me tote around the teddy bear, sitting it in chairs and sending it my thoughts.


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Your phantom dude reminds me of a demon-fellow/presence that walk and talks with me. He likewise keeps me company and has helped me out before with agendas and even tests…I drew a little comic of him which was super weird. He is like a strange big-brother-demon-guy-delusion-friend. It is strange what the mind makes.

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